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Wreck It

Rating: 7.8

Votes: 9

Plays: 2.4k

About Wreck It

Welcome to Wreck It, a very new multiplayer .io game from Gabriel Pinheiro, guys! Here will be your big chance to test your cleverness in guiding tanks to attack instead of using a cannon to shoot. Be curious to explore it? Tap on the PLAY button to start now!

How to play

Look! Your tank is equipped with a big spiky wrecking ball and it’s your main weapon to smash other players. Click the left mouse or Spacebar to control the wrecking ball and at the same time move the mouse cursor to direct the tank.

However, it’s easier said than done. You will soon discover that it’s hard to swing the ball and move around as you want. Sometimes, you might let the ball hit your tank. So, you need to take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with this control.

After that, you need to carry out the main request; that is, eliminate as many enemies as possible. Let’s swing the wrecking ball towards them and make sure you do quickly and accurately. Besides, be extremely careful to dodge over their counter-attack or your tank’s health will decrease remarkably. In addition, don’t miss smashing colorful objects surrounding the screen.

Since both actions help to increase your tank’s power and size as well as developing the wrecking ball’s size. The bigger the ball is, the more damage you can create.

Aside from getting the big wrecking ball, don’t forget that you can select one of the several available classes and take advantage of its strengths. For instance, you can receive more than one wrecking ball to make repeated assaults on the enemies. And never forget that you have to beat the player with the best position on the leaderboard in order to gain the find victory in this cool game. 

How long can you survive in this cruel playground? 5 minutes or more? Don’t mind showing what you have and wish you success in Wreck It!

Tips and tricks

  • To perform a good swing, you need to have a good timing and ideal strategy.
  • Always observe a mini-map to know the current situation.
  • Each class has both strong and weak points, try to explore all.
  • Be careful of black holes because they can pull and damage your tank.
  • Avoid losing the game since you have to start from the scratch and slip a chance to upgrade the tank.

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