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Continue discovering another cool worm-based online multiplayer game of At first glance, you might recognize that its graphics has similar features with However, as you’ll explore soon, this cute game is loaded with a bunch of interesting improvements, making it more tactical than the predecessors.

How to play

  • Of course, your overall task is to raise a small worm until it attains the biggest size through eating food. At the same time, avoid slithering parallel with bigger worms unless you will be their dinner right away. And all are guided by moving the mouse cursor on the screen. That’s enough for some basic information and now let’s move towards extra features.
  • Firstly, you need to know all three new skills including Acceleration (increase the worm’s speed by pressing Q), Stop (stop the worm for a while by pressing W) and Ghost (make the worm invisible by pressing E). They’re just unblocked when your worm gains a certain length. However, whenever having the new skill, the worm’s length becomes less. So, keep eating as much food as you can to master all. In case that you used to play, you definitively love eating awesome Power-ups, right? There is no reason why you miss grabbing new Boosters  in I just leave you with a small hint that is this game has totally 6 great Boosters. So, let’s see how lucky you can find all when playing.
  • Is there anything new? Bring your eyes towards a button of Quest in the right corner of the screen. Then study four different kinds of Quest to complete such as achieve the certain length in 1 battle, gather a fixed number of Boosters, kill a certain number of the opponents, and maintain your position in the Top 10. Do your best to conquer all to receive excellent rewards.
  • Especially, you also receive a cool chance to design your worms with 45 free and colorful skins if sharing this game on social media. Click here and enjoy great moments, all game lovers!

Tips and Tricks

  1. There are lots of food in the center of the screen, remember to visit.
  2. The best way to trap and kill other worms is to circle them.
  3. In case you’re circled, be quick to hit E to turn into the Ghost Mode and then move through other’s worm body to escape.
  4. If someone is hunting behind you, tap W to stop and he will touch your body and die.


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