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Although debuted on the MMO game  in the year 2016, it still attracts a large number of 2D shooting fans. As against, your main battlefield is in the air and your task is to control a small plane to fight. Of course, everyone else begins at the same condition and aims for the general goal which is the top position on the leaderboard.

So, what should you do at this time? Start getting your hand in guiding the plane in the direction you want, especially somewhere with a large number of orbs. Collecting the orbs will increase your scores, upgrade better ammo, and restore your health. However, don’t miss grabbing some available parachutes on the sky because they can give you some random weapons with limited use to fight against enemies or even extra health. The weapons might range from a missile to a laser and even a cannon. When playing this great game, my favorite weapon is the missile since I just shot one hit to lock and kill the opponents.

Aside from grabbing the orbs, gathering many parachutes is extremely important as well because the best way to climb up the top position is to own as many weapons as you can. Otherwise, you just become the opponent’s target.  

If you are actually confident of your shooting, dodging and collecting skills, you shouldn’t miss playing It’s your time to discover and find interesting things before becoming the King of the sky! And hope you have more fun, all game addicts!

How to play

The mouse cursor is to direct the plane. Meanwhile, the left mouse or Spacebar is to shoot down the enemies.

Useful tips for

  1. Before shooting, you need to aim the mouse towards the target unless you will miss.
  2. And don’t shoot aimlessly if your weapon is a grapeshot or machine gun.
  3. Although your battlefield comes off in the vast sky, don’t fly above the white line as you can lose all momentum and become a prey to the missile and laser.
  4. Beware of crowded areas because you might get overwhelmed with a large number of planes. The best thing is to fly away and wait to attack the plane with its low health.
  5. In case you’re being hunted, remember to fly 1800 back to counter attack them and avoid flying up or down.
  6. For revenge, just fight against someone who attacked you since their health is low at this time.


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