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To lead your tribe to a final victory in, you need to complete a countless of actions from easy to difficult. And the most important thing is that you have to be fast and clever to finish strong. If you’re ready to experience, let’s go!

How to play

Before starting, please bear in mind that the main and only key to interact with this game is the left mouse.

Then look at your tribe with only 2 minions first and guide them to move around via dragging a totem surrounding the screen. If you move the totem near trees or any animals, these minions will come there to lumber and hunt automatically. Try to collect as much wood and food as possible because they are extremely necessary for your minions to survive and recruit new members.

Besides, this helps to level up your tribe and gives you a series of weapons for the minions. Relying on that, your tribe will become more powerful.

However, in case you only start playing and catch other tribes, the best way is to run away. Only counter-attack when your minions have equipped the best weapons or see any tribe that has a small number of minions. To attack, just drag the totem towards any place you want and then your minions will know how to do.

After every battle, you should find a safe place and build a campfire in order to heal any minions’ wounds or guide them to search for mushrooms. Although the mushrooms are a good extra food, be careful because some are edible while the others are poisonous. Try consulting here to know which mushrooms your minions are able to eat.

Another interesting thing is that you can try to team up with other tribes in such a way that both can fight together and share the necessary resources. Of course, you’re allowed to do it, but you need to find the right one. And this action helps your tribe survive for a long time.

The more you play, the more exciting things you will find. Don’t hesitate anymore, guys! Jump into and savor now!

Tips and tricks

  • The more minions you have, the slower your tribe moves.
  • Observe a mini-map to determine different colors including Red (hostile enemies), Green (friendly opponents), White (your tribe), and Yellow (treasures).
  • Whenever catching any white clouds, be quick to come here to receive fantastic items.


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