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    Rating: 4.2

    Votes: 12

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    If you prefer to discover fantastic spaceship games in the .io world, why don’t you tryplaying A new exciting game developed by Iron Jack in October 2017 will blow away your mind instantly. Don’t hesitate, guys!Let’s go!

    How to play

    • Look at the welcoming screen and observe different kinds of spaceships with various features including Mass, Acceleration, and Aerodynamics. Depending on your preference, you can pick any spaceship and then start acting!
    • Truly, the main request in this game is similar to other .io games; that is, climb up to the top position in the ranking and maintain it as long as possible. And the most interesting thing is how you act to complete the game. Instead of fighting against other players, the only action you have to do is to fly and avoid anything in space.
    • What does it mean?
    • That means you need to control your spaceship to fly around the Earth and then get out of the white line to gain a score. Just hold the left mouse and then the spaceship will fly. Although it sounds simple, you have to be careful because it sometimes flies off the orbit. And if your spaceship is going to overcome the red line, be quick to release the mouse so that it returns to the Earth safely or its health will decrease remarkably.
    • In addition, you should beware of other players, planets, and asteroids. Avoid touching them at any cost or you will be kicked out of the screen. Of course, the others will do the same because no one wants to be eliminated.Hence,you must be extremely patient and skillful while controlling the spaceship to travel in space in order to acquire the high score.
    • Last but not least,don’t expect collecting weapons or anything to exchange shots with the others. Make sure you always open your eyes wide to determine which danger is in front of in order to handle better.
    • Time to give a try and good luck to you, guys!

    Tips and tricks

    1. Try to guide the spaceship fly outer the white line as long as possible to getmore score.
    2. Just release the left mouse in time to protect the spaceship.
    3. In case you need to charge the spaceship’s health, just let it land on the Earth.
    4. But when the Earth is crowded with new spaceships, never come back or unlucky situations can happen.



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