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    If you’re a loyal fan of shooting .io games such as,,, and more, will be another excellent destination that you shouldn’t ignore for sure. Be willing to land on a big playground to confront hundreds of .io addicts and set your feet to the final victory? Here we go!                                            

    How to play

    • Of course, you know the biggest request that any .io game requires, right? All you should do is to try your best in order to overcome other opponents and attain the highest spot on the leaderboard.
    • Before starting, you need to learn that the left mouse and WASD keys will help you direct the main character to shoot and move with ease. Then combine all to fight against any enemy you catch on the screen. Make sure you shoot continuously to defeat them totally. And at the same time, be nimble to dodge their fierce counter-attack, okay?
    • At the beginning, it seems a bit difficult because your character is just equipped with a weak pistol. So, you need to improve its firepower or try getting new weapons via gathering colorful symbols around the battlefield. The more symbols you take, the more energy will be added to your power bar. Whenever your bar is full, be quick to look for weapon circles surrounding the battleground and enter it. Then you are able to trade the power bar to get the new weapons or improve your current one.
    • After that, continue combating with the others to improve your position in the ranking. And don’t forget to accumulate as many symbols as possible to own the most powerful weapons. Although performing both actions simultaneously is quite tough, you MUST accomplish well because this is the only way so that you can acquire the final victory in this game.
    • Will you possess all the weapons and improve them at the best level? And can you defeat all the enemies to become the best shooter in Play to know now!

    Tips and tricks

    1. If your character’s health is damaged badly, guide him to another safe place and collect the symbols to restore.
    2. Or enter the weapon circle to recover the health automatically.
    3. When killing someone, they will leave a blood that has the same color with them. Make sure you guide the character to hit it to gather the symbols.
    4. It’s ideal to attack the opponents when they are in the weapon circle.