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At first fight, is similar to since this game brings you to a big war between tribes. But, the interesting thing is that each tribe has different characteristics. Land on here and take a look at 3 different tribes including FAYA (fire), AGWA (water), and PLONT (grass), guys!

Keep in mind that FAYA can burn PLONT, but afraid of AGWA. Meanwhile, PLONT can defeat AGWA. So, be free to pick up the tribe and start fighting against other tribes.

You will begin with some members and your task is to keep them survive as long as possible. Let’s guide them to move around to collect powerful stones, attack and at the same time, remember to dodge over the tribes that can defeat your tribe. For example, in case your tribe is killed by someone, don’t worry too much because you can replay with the unchanged progress.

And the longer you play, the more XP points you can add to a Level bar.

Whenever the bar is full, a special chest will appear. Tap to open it and receive awesome items such as new heroes, accessories, spells, etc. And please remember that these items are the next important key to support your tribe to win this game. For instance, pick up Spell so that you can deal with any tribe. Or equip your members with some awesome accessories to protect them better.

Last but not least, avoid changing your tribe in the middle of the week or you’re eligible to get the weekly team chest.

Well, no matter which tribe you choose, make sure you follow until the end in order to gain the top rank on the leaderboard. Although is just a beta version, I bet you can relish lots of cool moments. There is no time for hesitation. Let’s play now, guys!

How to control

  • The mouse cursor is to direct your tribe to move.
  • A or Q is to use the first spell.
  • Z or W is to use the second spell.

Tips and tricks

  1. Collecting the powerful stones also helps to increase the number of members of your tribe.
  2. Each different tribe owns different spells to fight against their opponents.
  3. You only use 2 spells in a round.
  4. If you have a large number of coins, you can enter the Shop and buy the chest.
  5. Beware of explosive bombs or your tribe will be defeated.



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