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About Tomb-R:

TombR Unblocked is a very good browser-based multiplayer game with colourful graphics and addictive gameplay. What you will need to do to Start this game is just choose a Server (either US or EU), pick your favourite hero and give it a Name, then you will be good to go!

There are 06 different heroes in TombR Unblocked including Wind, Stone, Rain, Snow, Fire and Lightning. Each of these heroes will have a different Strong and Weakness that could break it down into few criteria like: Speed, Defence, Attack, Power, Damage and Healing. Note that each hero will have a unique skill such as shooting giant rocks, casting magic, etc. If you’re not sure which hero you should choose, then just simply type in your name and click Play. The game will choose a hero randomly for you.

In TombR Unblocked, you will not only fight against Online players but also must fight against COM enemies at the same time. The longer you could stay alive in this game, the stronger you will become. Try to defeat as many enemies as you can from both sides in order to collect points to Level Up and upgrade your hero with more skills.

How to play:

  • Use your Mouse to move your hero.
  • To attack your enemies, click the Left mouse button.

Tips and tricks:

  1. While playing TombR Unblocked, you could chat with other online gamers at any time, by hitting the Enter key in order to open the Chatbox.
  2. The COM enemies are many, but they are not smart enough as Online players, try to focus on them to farm for points in order to Level Up faster.

TombR Unblocked:

  1. Sometimes when you’re in the office or at school, TombR might not be able to access due to network restriction. Play TombR Unblocked via could solve this problem and you could also find many other Unblocked games there too!