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If you’re a fan of survival .io game, will be a new and fun playground that you should not miss for sure. Be willing to join here, guys? No time for hesitating! Let’s go now!

Similar to, offers you to assist an alone man to survive in a huge world as long as possible. Besides, attaining the highest position in the ranking is a must when playing any game in the .io world.

And now, start guiding your main character to hold his axe and chop down available trees on the screen in order to collect wood. Besides, don’t miss mining stones, fruits, etc. to build your own base as well as crafting new weapons such as a bow, arrows, and so on. But, make sure you have a large number of resources to avoid running out of them while building or crafting.

Except for gathering, you should be ready to face up to any creepy opponents. Take advantage of available weapons to attack them as well as protecting your main character’s health effectively. Got it?   

As a plus, you also consult another awesome feature from this game, called Teaming. Tap on a Team button on the top of the screen and choose an available team to join. Or you can create your own team if you like.

When being in the team, all the tasks will be divided to members. For instance, you just go around for collecting the resources or only kill the opponents or concentrate on building the base. To know what you have to do, it’s best to communicate with your teammates by using in-game chat to do it.

Last but not least, always remember that collecting the resources are vital to level up your character. After gaining a level, the man’s power will increase too much. That means he can complete the request quickly and effectively.

So, what will you do, guys? Play to relish awesome moments! Have fun!

How to control

  • WASD keys are to control the character.
  • The left mouse is to gather and attack.
  • E is to auto attack.
  • 1-9 keys are to choose items.
  • Q is to perform quick access to food storage.

Tips and tricks

  1. Try to build your base near the corner of the map since it saves the number of resources.
  2. Eat fruits to improve the health.
  3. Find new skins for your character by following social networks.