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If you have played and enjoy it, then this .io, Platform, and Battle video game should be your next choice. is an extreme video game with promising elements, which was released in 2018. Ever since the game was out, it has been appearing in multiple discussions throughout the Internet. What makes this game be different from the other .io game? Let’s find out now!
First, you will be taken to the dead-or-alive battlefield, in which you will have to fight until your last breathe in order to be the champion. The game only gives you a tree branch to start your fighting routine to conserve your life in either Food Chain or PvP game mode. There are multiple servers available such as North America, Europe, Russia, and Asia. The battlefield looks incredibly simple so you can focus on fighting and nothing else. The winner of the game, of course, is the last one to survive on the battlefield.
If you want to last long and step to the champion position, you will need to hunt as many monsters in the game world as you can. The game allows you to upgrade your weapon and gather foods to strengthen your performance, so take this chance and rock the battlefield of now!

How to play:

  • Press the W/A/S/D keys or the arrow keys to move in the game world.
  • Press the left-click mouse to attack.
  • Press the right-click mouse to dash. 

Tips and tricks:

  1. If you play the game in full screen, you are able to avoid the blind viewpoint and perform better.
  2. Get in the safe zone whenever you have to protect yourself. Unblocked:

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