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Continue discovering the latest multiplayer tank game, definitively gives you amazing and exciting moments that you’ve never enjoyed in the .io world. If you willing to join and experience, don’t waste time anymore. Let’s go!

How to play

Instead of landing on a large playground with trees or rocks as usual, you will be brought into a big maze. At first, you might come up against difficulties while using the mouse cursor to direct the tank. If you do carelessly, your tank will bump against walls or borders surrounding. The only way to overcome is to practice a lot before joining the main battle.

Actually, it rather tough because tons of other tanks are surrounding you. And one certain thing is that they’re extremely aggressive to knock out their opponents. Of course, you don’t want to turn back to the welcoming screen as soon as entering the game, right? Please prepare yourself to confront anyone who is going to attack you.

Just aim the mouse and then perform a left-click to shoot. However, the trouble is that you cannot shoot continuously since the game only gives a limited number of bullets. It’s best to aim and fire accurately so that you can defeat your opponents in one shot. And if you do successfully, you will get more bullets to shoot.

Another interesting thing is that your bullet can bounce constantly. When shooting, if the bullet cannot reach other tanks, they will run into the walls or borders and then bounce back. And it won’t stop until touching anyone. Of course, the others can do the same thing. Therefore, if seeing any stray bullet around the screen, run for your life, okay?

And don’t ever expect any special item to support your tank because you will find nothing. What you must do is to rely on yourself in order to shoot down all the opponents and survive in the maze as long as possible. This is the sole way to help you climb up to the top rank on the scoreboard, guys.

Why don’t you try searching for the highest-level player with a golden crown and defeat him to gain a victory? Jump into and take action now!

Tips and tricks

  • At the beginning, your tank has only 3 bullets.
  • Catch a number behind your tank to know the current number of bullets you own.
  • Watch out for blind alleys when being chased by other tanks or the stray bullets.
  • Follow this game via Twitter to get new updates.



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