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Take part in a massive battle against multiplayer gamers with a small stick! Think that you can overcome them well, guys? Jump onto and find an answer instantly!

How to play

From the screen of the game, tap on Classic mode and start the main fight. The request is simple; that is, eliminate as many opponents as possible with your small stick. So, how to use this weapon to kill other players?

When running around by moving the mouse cursor, your stick will follow. Just note that you’re holding this weapon in your right hand. Try to move quickly so as to let the stick poke other opponents accurately. Of course, you should be skillful to avoid the counter-attack or you will die and the game will be over instantly.

For each successful poke, you will receive valuable balls. Make sure to collect all to increase your score on the leaderboard as well as adding energy into a BOOST bar. Keep in mind that this bar is useful for increasing the speed if you want to escape or chase anyone. And just click on Spacebar to activate it. However, you should observe the bar on the right side to know whether it’s running out of energy or not.  

Except for attacking other opponents to gather the balls, you are able to find these colorful ones scattering everywhere on the screen. If you don’t see anyone to fight, spend time on gathering as many balls as possible.

In addition, please note that both above actions give you lots of diamonds that are important to buy excellent items. Land in the SHOP and look for new weapons such as mace or spear or equip yourself with new skins, etc.

Since this game belongs to the .io world, you definitively know that attaining the highest position in the ranking is a necessity. But, don’t forget that you still have another tough challenge; that is, beat your own record.

So, feel excited and thrilled to enjoy No time for hesitating, guys! Take action now!

Tips and tricks

  • Killing the opponents help you increase the number of diamonds better than only collecting the colorful balls.
  • The more time you play, the longer your stick will be
  • Come back every day to get a daily bonus.
  • Complete new missions every day to receive lots of diamonds.
  • This game also offers a mobile version for both iOS and Android.