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    Rating: 7.1

    Votes: 7

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    About, another interesting space battle game, will give a cool playground where you have to fight against other competitors to become the biggest star and then reign the universe. Believe that you can complete this simple task? Play to know now!

    Look! You’re only a small and weak star at the beginning. So, you need to concentrate on collecting stardustto increase your size. Besides, if fulfilling the stardust’s bar successfully, your star will turn into another powerful planet.

    Although it sounds amazing, the trouble is that you have to confront dozens of opponents who are always ready to defeat you. So, what will you do?

    Your star can dash into any opponents to steal their stardust and make them become weak. Make sure you’re skillful and nimble in directing it to dash. If not, you will become a prey. However, that doesn’t mean you must dash all the times because this action will decrease your stardust. And you need to recollect to level up. Hence, it’s best to dash when you are facing up to the larger stars. Got it?

    Aside from the real opponents, you should pay attention to another dangerous thing, called asteroids. As you’re just a small and vulnerable star, avoid touching them at any cost to protect your star’s life. In case your star becomes bigger and bigger or transfer to another shape successfully, you can touch them without worrying anything.  

    Last but not least, always observe everything surrounding. Especially when your star is becoming larger and larger, your vision will be limited. Badly, you have no idea of who is going to attack you because you cannot see them. Therefore, you should be twice as cautious and dash in time in order to survive as long as possible. And never forget that your final objective is the top spot on the scoreboard.

    Time to do your best to direct your star to win in! Are you brimful of hopes that you can easily attain? Don’t hesitate anymore! Take action now!

    How to controls

    • The mouse cursor is to guide the star.
    • The left mouse is to dash.

    Tips and tricks

    1. The bigger your star is, the easier it can collect the stardust.
    2. Blackholes might be useful to get away from unnecessary encounters.
    3. Every new planet will give new features such as generating the stardust automatically, expanding the view, etc.
    4. Blinking stars will become invulnerable for some seconds.