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Welcome to STARBOMBA, an exciting strategy video game. With the fighting royale element, this game allows you to join a battlefield with 100 players. However, in this alpha version, each map can only contain 10 players. Your task in this game is to choose a character, place bombs to kill enemies, collect power-ups, and become the last survivor.
STARBOMBA is set in the destruction of the earth and various races are taking part in a big battle for their new home. And you will be one of them. You will use bombs to fight. One of the most important things to win is to collect hidden power-ups in the map. You need to use bombs to destroy the tiles, and if you're lucky, power-ups will appear.
The power-ups in this game are very diverse, you can find items to help you have stronger bombs, or you can get items to help you move faster than your opponent. In addition, you can use instant teleportation skills. This is the best skill in the game and it helps you escape from dangerous situations. With cute graphics and cool sounds, I think you will like STARBOMBA. Have fun!

How to play:

  • You use the arrow keys to move, the Space bar to put bombs, and the Control to use items.

Tips and tricks:

  1. Use instant teleportation skills when you're stuck in the middle of bombs.
  2. The battlefield will shrink and you need to move near the center.
  3. There will be traps on the map!

STARBOMBA Unblocked:

  1. With, you have a nice and friendly interface to play STARBOMBA Unblocked. Here we offer thousands of different unblocked games, all for free. Moreover, does not block anything and you can access it 24/24. Have fun!

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