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Are you ready to put your name on the top of the best shooters? Jump into the main screen of and prove your shooting skill right away!

Instead of enjoying a similar scene of 2D battle when playing, your mind will be blown away by a lively 3D world that makes your combat more exciting and fantastic. To complete the main goal, you have to survive as long as possible and climb up the highest rank of the leaderboard by neutralizing opponents. First of all, guide your hero to move around the world carefully and cleverly. Then start collecting necessary items by shooting available crates to increase XP points. The more XP points you can get, the quicker you will level up. Whenever reaching a new level, you will be rewarded important chests with new medals, fragments, and weapons.

Keep in mind that the weapons are the key to your battle. Depending on each chest in every level, you can receive an M4  or Light Gun  instantly or you have to gather enough fragments to possess the complete weapons. Meanwhile, using the medals for the fragments will help you update the base damage of the guns. Additionally, don’t miss increasing your attacking skill by grabbing some Special Weapons during the game such as Rocket Launcher, Arc-Thrower, Cactus Launcher and Flame-Thrower.

This game offers a useful place, called SHOP, where you can spend your earned medals and gems through each round to purchase a couple of important stuff. Besides, don’t miss catching some available Bonuses around the map to receive instant prizes including Attack Up (get a damage boost), Health Up (restore your XP point), and Shield Up (protect your hero from other attacks). What’s more, unblocking your new hero by spending the medals and gems is quite helpful for your absolute victory.

Last but not least, do you know that which best strategy to kill the enemies effectively and easily? It’s about your circular motion. This movement makes the opponents feel difficult when attacking as well as increasing your ability to shoot backward and defeat anyone who is chasing you.

If you’re well-informed of what I’ve just mentioned above, will you win, guys? Enter the arena and start fighting until you attain the best result! Good luck and have fun!

How to play

The hero is directed by the arrow keys or WASD. The left mouse is to shoot while the right mouse or Spacebar is to dash.


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