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    Welcome to, another fascinating cool space-themed shooting .io game! Here will be agreat battle where you are able to direct a sphere to fight against hundreds of other players. Be excited to confront this challenge at this time? There we come!

    The first most important thing is to learn how to thrust your sphere around the space. Since you’re in the outer space, you will find out lots of moonsthat each hasits own gravitational pull. This pull will prevent your sphere to move around and then make it an easy prey for the others. So, thrusting helps to lessen its speed and keep it safe all the times.

    Although you might find it hard to control the sphere because there is no friction in space, just practice a bit and then guiding will be easier. Next, start aiming and shoot down as many planets as possible because this will bring you a large number of dots which is helpful to add more power to your sphere. Of course, try to avoid the moons at the same time.

    Don’t forget that you’re not alone in this world. There are hundreds of players who are performing the same task like you. And some might be creepy to kill you to take all your dots.It’s okay to counter-attack the enemies who have a smaller size than your sphere. Or in case you’re facing up higher-level ones, don’t mind using a safety boost or any power-ups to save your sphere’s life.

    Last but not least, make sure you conquer at least one of the top 10 on the leaderboard because it’s the biggest objective when you’re in the .io world.

    Generally speaking, this cool game is addictive for those who prefer to experience the intergalactic space. And the more you play, the more fantastic and surprising things you will explore.

    There is no hesitation since is awesome to play all day, guys.Type a cool nickname, choose a serve of New York, hit PLAY and enjoy now!

    How to control

    • Combine the mouse and Spacebar to thrust the sphere.
    • Tap on W to shoot.
    • Hit on Q to avail power-ups.

    Tips and tricks

    1. Avoid coming closer black holes or the game will be over.
    2. Avoid hitting other planets while you’re running away because it might take your health away even more than confronting the enemies.
    3. The orange dots supply more power to power-ups.



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