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    Rating: 8.3

    Votes: 12

    Plays: 1.9k


    There is no denying that most snake-themed multiplayer .io games are fascinating and addictive to play anytime without feeling bored. And is another playground where you can find some similarities like playing or or even a familiar Nokia snake game. If you don’t want to miss this cool game, enter here now.

    In this game, you will take control of a colorful snake and your important aim is to climb up to the top rank as soon as possible. Of course, you know how to do, right? But, allow me to mention again because you might recognize new updates.

    As you know, the easiest action that you can perform at the beginning is to guide your snake to roam around and eat colorful dots surrounding. The more dots the snake gulfs, the bigger he will be. The next action is to confront other opponents and the only way to knock them out is to direct the snake to trap them and let them hit his body. This will blow up your opponents and turn them into the dots so that the snake can eat.

    However, you should be careful while carrying out. The best thing is to increase your snake’s speed so that he can run faster than his opponents. Then, be clever to trap them, got it? Or leading them towards the playground’s borders is also effective.

    In addition, if your snake is too long, it’s okay to direct him to pass through his body without worrying. He won’t explode, I promise. So, be free to control him as long as you won’t fall into any trap of other players or bump against the borders. Relying on that, you are able to play longer and move towards the best position in the ranking.

    And now, think that you can overcome this large playground and create the biggest snake ever in Time to show your true ability, guys! Good luck to you!

    How to control

    • Tap on WASD or arrow keys to control the snake.
    • Hold Spacebar to increase the snake’s speed.

    Tips and tricks

    1. Be wise to boost the speed because this decreases the number of dots.
    2. You can steal the loots from the dead snakes instead of trying to attack them. But, make sure you’re nimble and skillful to do or you might be a prey.
    3. You’re allowed to change different colors for the snake on the welcoming screen.