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About game is an interesting massively multiplayer video game that was created by Steve Howse for iOS, Android, and web browser platforms. This game is similar to and classic arcade game Snake. Taking place in a virtual world, in this game, the players will control an avatar resembling a worm to eat the multicolored pellets to grow in size. These pellets can come from other players or other naturally spawn on the game's map. The main objective of this game is to grow into the biggest worm in the server. With addictive gameplay, grew in popularity right following its promotion and rapidly topped the App Store shortly after its release date.

Gameplay offers the players a simple but addictive gameplay in which, their main objective is to control the worm around a wide area and eat as many pellets as possible to become the biggest worm. In order to do that, they also can defeat other players, consume their result to grow more quickly. The worm avatar will move forward automatically and when its head collides into a part of another worm, it will die immediately. And at that time, the defeated avatar's body will be turned into bright and shining pellets that are bigger than normal ones. Moreover, the normal pellets don't give as much mass as pellets dropped from other worms, so, the worms eat these pellets will grow up rapidly.

A special type of pellets in this game is "Chase" that appears individually in many different places in the world. When being eaten, these pellets give a greater amount of mass than the ones that dropped from other worms, so, they are considered as the most specials pellets in this game. However, to eat these pellets isn't easy, the Chase pellets avoid the worms and flee when they approach near. In order to eat these pellets, the players must boost. Mods mods are one of the most important parts in game that is seeking by millions of gamers from around the world. In fact, these mods are extensions and private servers that are installed to help the players enjoy their favorite game easier with many benefits. They are run by independent developers and the players have to pay nothing to play on these private servers.

  • Benefits mods

The benefits of mods are very rich and depending on each mod, they have their own certain one. Normally, most of the mods allow the players to zoom in or out the map, change many more skins, offer feature of play with friends, reduce the lag of game, change the controls, or even provide cheats and hacked version. No matter which mods are you choose from, in general, these mods can help the players enjoy smoother, gain the higher score, and have more fun in game.

  • How to download mods?

How to download mods or how to get mods on are frequently asked questions of the gamers. In fact, on the internet, you can find dozens of mods for with various benefits. However, in order to download or get these mods, first of all, you need to determine what benefits of the mod are you looking for and your browser or device. Determining clearly these issues you will be able to choose the suitable mod with your need to download. In case you are looking for mods chrome, you can visit Chrome Web Store to find the suitable mod. If you play this game on smartphone or tablet, App Store and Google Play are the best places for you to get mod. After that, just download the mod and enjoy your free time with this cool game.

Skins skins are the skins of the worm in this game. When the players enter the game, they will have an avatar worm with a random color from many different solid default skins colors. There are various of skins and the players can choose to customize their worm's appearances by clicking on button "change skin" on the menu screen. With this option, they can choose or create their own worm's skin with many available color and patterns. In addition, many players use mod, so, they can create many more interesting skins than the default to change the appearance of the worm. This option makes this game become more and more interesting and attractive.

How to play

Controls controls are very simple and depending on the device that the players use to enjoy this game. If you play this game on browsers, just use the mouse to control and move in the direction of your cursor. In addition, you also can use the arrow keys to move right or left. On mobile, you just press and hold in the direction that you want to control the worm.

Tips and tricks

  • You can install mod before enjoying the game to get more fun and benefits from it.
  • A common strategy that lots of players use to defeat opponents is to coil the worm around them in a loop. This strategy makes your opponents must crash into your avatar's body and die.
  • You can slither near other worms that give you a chance of eating the orbs. However, avoid gliding parallel with both heads close each other because it’s extremely dangerous.
  • You should avail coiling to protect yourself against other enemies as well as attacking some smaller worms. Remember not to collide near the larger ones otherwise, they can take an opportunity to trap and kill you.
  • Remember to protect your bounty. When you defeat an opponent, let's use your body to coil around your bounty. This can help you protect your bounty from other opponents.
  • Or try coiling in weird ways for safety, not in a strange way.
  • Don’t forget to use Boosting to make a great escape, speed up to kill other worms and eat everything quickly.
  • Last but not least, please pay attention to the map to avoid overcrowded areas. unblocked on Freegames66

We can't deny the attraction of and it is really an interesting game to play and enjoy. For this reason, lots of people want to enjoy this game in their free time at school or office. However, most schools and offices block the gaming site that makes so many people can't enjoy this game in these areas. Don't worry! If you are looking for unblocked at school, Freegames66 is the best place for you. On this site, we provide you this game with unblocked version. So, you can freely enjoy this game anywhere and whenever you want. With friendly interface and detail guide for playing, on Freegames66, surely you will have lots of great relaxing moments.

Now, it is the time for you to enjoy this cool game, let's start and good luck!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to zoom out on

How to zoom out on, how to zoom out, or how do you zoom out in, are some frequently asked questions with the same meaning in the game. In fact, doesn't have an innate zooming function, however, the players still can use this feature if install mod. There are various mods for both browser and mobiles, so, you can install these mods on your device. After that, select zoom option under the Nickname field on the menu screen, toggle to "ON" then enjoy the game.

  • How to zoom in

Be asked fewer times than how to zoom out on, however, how to zoom in is also another frequently asked question. Similar to zoom out, you have to install the mods to be able to use this feature. After installing the suitable mod, on the menu screen, choose zoom option, then toggle to "OFF".

  • How to make less laggy?

May how to make less laggy, how to reduce lag in, or how to fix lag on be the most frequently asked question of so many people who play There are some ways to help you reduce lag in that seen useful for you. For example, in case you play this game on the browser, you can clear cache, play game in the incognito mode, use the low-quality option, or establish priority to High to have the smoother experience. In case you enjoy on mobile, let's clear App Data and establish priority to high to reduce lag. In addition, there are lots of mods help the players to enjoy this game smoother and reduce the lag.

  • How to boost in

Very simple! If you play this game on the browser, just press and hold the spacebar or left/right mouse button to use the boost and speed up your avatar. In case you play this game on mobiles, just tap double the touch screen to boost.

  • How to be good at

Lots of newbies wonder how to be good at In fact, in order to good at this game isn't very difficult, you just play it many times and use some tips and tricks that we have just told above, surely you will be good at this game.

  • How to make a private server?

In, people just can choose the server, not to make a private server. So, there is no answer to the question of how to make a private server.

  • How to play with friends on

In fact, people can't play with their friends on the same server in the default setting of In order to play this game with friends, both you and your friends need to install a mod (Slither Plus is the recommended mod).

Step 1: You start playing like you normally would.

On the menu screen, you will see the play first text with the 'Connect to IP' button on the bottom right. But don't remind it, let's enter your name and play like you normally would.

Step 2: Get server IP

When you are in the game, you will see the server IP that you are connected to. Get this IP and send to your friends. When they enter this IP on the 'Connect to IP' button, they can participate in the same server as you. And so, you can play this game with your friends

  • How to get skins on

It is very easy to get skins on You just start playing this game, select "change skin" button on the menu screen, then select the skin you want to enter the game.













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