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Slash everything in and ascend the top ranking on the leaderboard! Will you complete with the ultimate result after enjoying a series of .io games on our site? Come here to see now!

How to control

  • Start with a triangle and then move around to collect colorful dots by directing your mouse cursor. Thanks to these dots, you will be rewarded XP points to level up as well as earning special upgrades including Max HP (Q button), Damage (W button), Speed (E button), Vision (R button), Cooldown (A button), and Shield Damage (S button). Especially, when clicking on the left mouse, your triangle can dash through different shapes on the screen. Make sure to aim and dash quickly to defeat them in some of the hits. If dashing multiple times in a quick period, a big combo will be given to you. Use it to increase your damage.
  • We all know that the acquiring the top position is the most important thing. As a newbie, observing the players who have the highest scores is necessary because it’s suggested to get away from them as soon as possible. Or if you unluckily face up with them, tap on the right mouse to activate the shield and stop their attack. Do it quickly; otherwise, you will be kicked out of the game. Always remember to check your upgrades at a board on the left side of the screen. Relying on that, you can know which one needs to be updated. The more upgrades you have, the stronger you are. More wonderfully, your chance to become the ace of the game is easier ever.
  • asks for your skill and concentration in keeping an eye on everywhere in order to survive in the longest time. Don’t mind showing what you have to rule the entire area. Be ready to experience it? Enter here and wish you luck, guys!

Needs any tips and tricks?

What I’ve just mentioned above is all the basics of So, follow it and you can carry out everything well. In case that you want to get another clear vision, consulting Walkthrough is an idea choice. It’s not hard to search for numerous video clips on YouTube that can guide you how to play, how to activate the upgrades in order to attain the best result. 


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