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As a loyal .io fan, I bet you don’t want to miss because this new stunning shooting game will bring you to an awesome fight with cruel excavators. Have you ever tried guiding this kind of vehicle? Whether your answer is, set your feet here and experience now!

How to play

Before taking action, try creating a new look and type a cool name for your excavators, guys! This makes you more outstanding in a big fight with hundreds of players.

Then, move the mouse cursor around the screen to direct your vehicle. Although it sounds easy, you might feel tough since the excavator is quite big and slow. So, try practicing a bit and when you’re actually willing, start fighting.

Just bear in mind that the only weapon that your vehicle owns is its special shovel. It can shoot powerful circles that can damage the others effectively. If catching any opponents, be quick to tap on the left mouse continuously. Make sure you run after and shoot until defeating them completely. Observe a health bar on the top of each excavator to know, okay? In case you beat someone successfully, 1 XP will be added and your position on the leaderboard will be improved.

Well, do you feel annoyed when shooting too much? Don’t worry because this game offers a special support; that is, the biggest circle. Try holding Spacebar and then you will see a huge and powerful circle in front of the shovel. It’s extremely effective because you can defeat your opponent with one shot. But, you should aim carefully and shoot accurately or you have to do again.

Aside from firing each other, you can utilize available rocks surrounding the screen to attack or defend your excavator. Avoid using them too much because it’s not easy to guide the rocks and push them towards the opponents.

In a word, what you need to complete is to climb on the top position on the leaderboard like playing other shooting .io games. Take this challenge and prove that you’re the best shooter. Wish you success!

Tips and tricks

  • Make the most of big trees to hide and then counter-attack.
  • View a mini-map on the top of the screen to know your current situation.
  • Avoid running towards corners when someone is chasing.
  • Get away from crowds when your health bar is in a danger point. Try running around isolated places to restore the health.



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