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If you own a competitive nature while playing games, will be your perfect place. Be curious to know what I’ve just said. Down here and you will understand instantly.

How to play

Right from the start, you will be impressed with the awesome 3D environment that most of the players love to enjoy in the .io world. Then observe your main character, guys. It looks special with an arrow-like head and a long, colorful tail. Besides, you can see some information related to this character including Health, Points, and Kills.

Now, place your hand on the mouse and begin to control. Move the mouse cursor around to direct your character to turn left or right or turn around. Since you’re in the 3D world, everything looks like you’re running a real car on the road. Besides, you need to be clever to avoid touching any obstacles. Got it?

The next action is to carry out the main request of this game. Take a look at a message above the screen, please.

The first task is to grab the crown. Now, you need to direct the character to run everywhere to find it. However, it’s not an easy job because this game doesn’t offer any mini-map to follow. So, you must be patient to find it.

If you complete successfully, the second task is to kill the leader. And it’s a tough task as well. Why? It’s because you have no leaderboard to determine who is the best. Therefore, you need to eliminate all the opponents on the screen. Just tap the left mouse and then your character can shoot.

When it comes to shooting the others, you should do quickly and accurately. Owing to that, you can accomplish well. Besides, be careful to dodge over their counter-attack to protect the character’s health.

Time to blast your way and capture the last victory in, guys! Do you think that you will succeed on the first try? Play and see the result now!

Tips and tricks

  • Take advantage of high walls to change the direction as you want.
  • Shooting from behind is the best way. But, in case you discover someone is behind you, be quick to run zigzag to escape.
  • If catching a brilliant light from a distance, run towards instantly because the crown is here.
  • Remember to pick up a server that is near your area to play better.