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    Rating: 4.2

    Votes: 12

    Plays: 2.7k


    Love speed and want to enjoy driving and racing game in the .io world? Jump into the main screen of and enjoy this exciting game right away.

    How to play

    • Remember that your biggest request is to acquire the best title of the first and fastest racer. And to do it, you MUST compete against multiple online players. Will you have enough confidence to carry out this task? If your answer is yes, hop your car and race right away.
    • The first important thing is that you need to be clever in using both the mouse cursor and the left mouse. The cursor is to steer while the left mouse is to increase the speed, got it? If you aren’t proficient in controlling them, you will come up against difficulties for sure. The best thing is to spend a bit of time on practicing.
    • Then, observe your main race and your opponents. Depending on each server, you might face up with dozens of players (maybe 40 ones per round).
    • However, don’t worry about the number of racers. Just focus on the track and try to run as quickly as possible so that you can finish each lap sooner than the others. Continue racing for another lap and if you complete quicker than the first time, you will soon throw yourself into the top place on the scoreboard.
    • In addition, you should be cautious of both sides of the road. Although the game won’t be over if you unluckily touch them like, your car’s speed might slow down. Since you’re in a high-speed racing, this makes you lag behind and hard to gain the best result.
    • Does this game offer anything special or power-ups? Don’t expect it because you find nothing while racing. But, the most wonderful thing is that you can change your car to the strong and powerful one. Visit Garage and check whether you have enough money to buy a new car or not.
    • Where is the money? Well, complete the game with the highest score on the leaderboard or use the real money to purchase cash. It depends on you, though I don’t like the idea of topping up the real money.
    • If not mentioning about it, is so fun to play. Tap the PLAY button and enjoy now, guys!

    Tips and tricks

    1. Take a large straight and be clever to swing in close on corners to avoid bumping into the sides of the roads.
    2. Always leave much space while you’re going to turn left or right. For example, if you want to turn right, you need to be in the middle or on the left side so that you can easily turn.


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