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Throw yourself in a cool playground of and start an insane battle! If you don’t mind trying a new multiplayer online .io game, I’m sure you can’t leave your seat till defeating all the players and acquiring the highest standingon the leaderboard. Take this cool chance to prove your true skill now!

How to control

  • Do you see a small boat in a colorful bubble?Your main task is to enlarge this bubble as much as possible. But, how? Truly, there are two ways and make sure you carry out both. The first one is to guide the boat to move around the area and gather colorful dots. The remain is to attack other boats by using a hook. Aim accurately and throw quickly to kill them right away. Relying on that, you can absorb their mass to increase the bubble. The more mass you get, the bigger your bubble will gain. Of course, it’s useful for enhancing your position on the leaderboard. What’s more, your hook will become stronger and stronger.
  • Aside from watching out other players, be careful of the Red Mass around the area. Take a look at a small map at the bottom on the right screen and determine where they are. Don’t get close to them or you will be hurt and then sent out of the game. In addition, the map shows the position of the King. It’s recommended to avoid him when you’re a newbie. If you unluckily meet any danger, remember to use Speed Boost to increase your speed and escape soon. You’re free to activate the Speed Boost, so just make use of it whenever you want.
  • In case that you share this cute game via anysocial network like Facebook or Twitter, you are able to unlock amazing features. Since I won’t spoil them anymore, spend your time on exploring, okay? Also, don’t miss experiencing it through Android or IOS devices if you don’t want to sit in front of the laptop.
  • Although you might think is similar to or firstly, each game has its own attractions that you never feel bored when playing. Just access our site and while away your time with it! Hope you get a great time!

Tips and tricks

  1. Although you’re free to use Speed Boost, some mass that you earned for the hook will be deducted for every use. Be careful and wise when activating it.
  2. Take full advantage of your big bubble to protect your hook.

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