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    Rating: 8.1

    Votes: 16

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    If you prefer to take part in thrilling battles on a large ocean, don’t miss experiencing, a stunning action-packed multiplayer .io game.

    At this time, you will become a pirate like Captain Luffy in One Piece or Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirate of the Caribbean. And your biggest task is to survive as long as possible to climb up the first rank on the leaderboard successfully. If you’re in the .io world long enough, you will know how to do at first?

    Start directing your ship around the ocean and gather available coins on the ocean. These coins are vital to purchase necessary upgrades such as Health, Speed, Armor, and Damage. For instance, the Damage and Armor increase your ship’s shooting. Upgrading the Health helps to improve your ship’s health as well as making it bigger. Although upgrading the Speed permits the ship to move quickly, be careful when making tight turns.

    At the beginning, it’s best to avoid 1v1 battles against the larger ships. If unluckily confronting anyone, you should activate BOOST to make your ship run faster and get away from them. Just fight after the ship is upgraded, okay?

    When combating, make sure you’re skillful and nimble in throwing bombsand dodging in order to eliminate as many opponent’s ships as possible. Bear in mind that you need to attack continuously until defeating their ship totally. Relying on that, you can take more and more coins from them to increase your property as well as your position on the scoreboard. Got it?

    Believe that you are able to become one of the outstanding pirates and dominate the biggest ocean in Let’s express your ability by playing hard, guys! Good luck to you!

    How to control

    • Move the mouse cursor to control the ship.
    • Click on the left mouse to shoot.
    • Hit Spacebar to activate the BOOST.
    • Tap on 1-4 to use the upgrades.

    Tips and tricks

    1. Be careful to avoid colliding with any ships or your ship’s speed will move slow.
    2. Go around and continue collecting coins to restore your ship’s health.
    3. Stealing the coins from other battles is a nice idea. But, you need to be swift-handed or you might face to face the worst situations.
    4. Be free to customize your ship by pressing the Customize button at the welcoming screen.
    5. If you want to download this game on your smartphone, click here