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Papers Scissors Rocks

Rating: 6.7

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About Papers Scissors Rocks

Papers Scissors Rocks gives you a great chance to experience a traditional game of scissors, rock, paper schoolyard game online. Will it have any difference that attracts dozens of .io players worldwide? Try entering here and uncover now!

How to play

With three main teams including Rock (green), Scissors (blue), and Paper (pink), you are randomly assigned to one of them in order to start fighting against other players.

For instance, you’re in the Rock team. That means you can attack anyone in the Scissors team. Just guide your main character towards them by moving the mouse cursor on the screen. Then touch and turn them into a member of your team. Sounds interesting, right? However, if you face up to any players in the Paper team, make sure you get away from there right away.

So, no matter which team you’re, make sure you understand the basic rule to play well.

Actually, you are able to continue if being caught by someone. Remember that you only have three lives. So, whenever switching another team, 1 life will be deducted. After three times, the game will be over. As I mentioned above, the best thing is to run away those who are risky. Or you should take advantage of some cool characteristics including Faster, Booster, and Hider.

Faster is a default characteristic. Be free to use it to increase the speed or change if you want. For example, Booster gives more boost, but you will move slow. Meanwhile, Hider turns you into a transparent state. That means no one can catch you and you cannot catch anyone. Please note that all the characteristics are activated by taping on Spacebar.

Although you’re playing as a team, try to gain a GOLD CROWN by taking down as many opponents as possible. The best thing is to focus on defeating one team. And when it’s gone, you will be reassigned to new teams to continue until finding the last winner.

Now, look at Hometown/Sausage Party, pick up a map you want to experience, and begin to team up with the others to conquer a big arena in this classic game of Papers.Scissors.Rocks. Good luck, guys!

Tips and tricks

  • Never run towards corners when someone is chasing you.
  • Each characteristic needs to recharge after every use.
  • Be free to attack and defeat the players with the higher scores.
  • Observe a bar to determine which team is becoming weak. And if you belong to this team, be quick to swap your shape to continue playing.



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