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What is game? is an interesting casual mobile game that was created by VOODOO at the end of 2017 and supports multiplayer mode. This is really an addictive casual game when becoming a success game immediately after the release date. Until this time, there are tens of thousands of players around the world love playing this game. It is a big success that rare casual game can achieve. In this game, the player will control a rectangular block with the main objective is to occupy as many territories as possible. Almost the players in this game want to get 100 percent and become the number one on the leaderboard.


In this game, there is a fixed size board and the players will control their block on this. The main target is to get 100% by covering as much area as possible by swiping in the direction that they want their block to move in. In the case you enjoy this game on PC, just use the arrow keys or WASD to move. When the block runs out of your own territory, the lighter colored tail will be seen. And if you control it to enclose an area and linking back to the territory, all this territory is conquered. Besides that, in, you will have to compete with 12 AI characters or play with your friend. So, if the tail of your block is crossed by the head of other blocks, you will die immediately. And of course, your conquered territory is also disappeared. In addition, your block can also be defeated by its self if it crosses its own tail or bumps into the borders of the game board.


A special thing about this game is the skin of the block. When entering the game, you can see many other players with different colors and pattern. They are skins of the block. You can make your block become more exciting by changing its skins. So, how to change skins in Very easy! There are several types of skins on the right bottom of the menu screen, you can select one of them to jump into the game. Lots of players want more skins, so, how to get skins is a frequently asked question of them. In fact, this game also rewards you with lots of coins when playing. So, you can use this coin to purchase many more interesting types of skins.

Another big question is how to gain the coins? The total coin is actually calculated by multiplying your percentage space by eight and the defeated players by 30. In other words, you have to outspread your room and defeat many opponents to get the coins.

How to play

How to play on iPad, how to play on iPhone, or how to play on phone are some common questions of so many players. In fact, no matter which hand-device you play on, the control of isn't different. You also swipe the touching screen follow the direction you want to move your block.

In case you play this game on PC, the controls key are the arrow keys or WASD.

Tips and tricks

  • When you’re a little square, the key is patience when moving around and expanding the house.
  • Stop looking at the scoreboard because the largest players can be defeated in a moment. Just make sure you are still alive to receive the coins.
  • Just overspread the house if there are no opponents in sight.
  • Expanding along the long edge is a good way. You just travel a short distance out and along your house to get much space as well as creating your safe retreat.
  • It is quite easy to conquer a large territory in corners because you can sure that there is no opponent there to cut you off. So, if you can squeeze near a border, let's do it to expand your territory.
  • Killing other players will create a huge bonus, however, only do it if you see an obvious opportunity while getting your own territory. Or, in case there is a massive trail without any opponent around, you also might as well sneak in.
  • On the top left of the screen, it shows you your best score, the current percentage, and kill count if you must know it.
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Some Frequently asked questions

How to play on iPhone, iPad?

In order to enjoy on iPhone or iPad, you just visit the App Store, download a app, and enjoy it.

About the controls when playing on these devices, just swipe follow the direction you want to move.

How to get 100 percent?

How to get 100 percent is the most frequently asked question of's fans. In fact, with loyal fans of this game who have played hundred times, surely there are many times they gained scores of more than 99 percent. However, how to get 100 percent isn't easy. In addition to these tips and tricks above, there are a few necessary you should keep in mind to win this game.

  • 0,14% is the safest time to take the risks. At that time, everyone has just begun.
  • There are many backup blocks near you every single time.
  • Let's create the structures like the stair, it is helpful for you to live longer.
  • First, let capture the area near the walls. After that, materialize inwards by following point 3.
  • Don't focus too much on the lost area, let's use your attention to capture more uncovered areas.




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