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Take control of a small tank and spend entertaining hours on showing your shooting skill in to gain the best position on the leaderboard. If you are ready, set your feet in a large arena now, guys.

Truly, this game is quite similar to However, the more you play, the more surprising things you discover.

First of all, you need to know that your main opponents are not only real players but also AI tanks. Of course, all are aggressive and eager to attack each other. That’s why you should be on your guard all the times to shoot back or dodge. Just remember that the AI tanks can move fast and assault suddenly. The best thing is to aim and defeat them from a distance. To the real players, you should avoid attacking the higher-level ones if your tank has not been upgraded.

So, the next step is to learn how to level up your tanks. It’s not too difficult as long as you’re familiar with the .io world. Try collecting colorful blobs surrounding the screen; it’s an easy action that anyone can perform. In addition, knocking out the opponents is useful.

Make sure you perform well to level up successfully. And this turns your tank into a new shape as well as giving necessary skill points for upgrading the tank. There are 8 important features including Bullet Damage, Max Fuel, Attack Speed, Max Health Point, Health Point Regen, Fuel Regen, Body Armor, and Movement Speed. Try to fulfill all of them and then your tank will be invincible. Last but not least, don’t forget to buy cool items such as Shield, Bomb, and Laser at the SHOP in order to support you best.

It’s time to demonstrate your excellent shooting ability and then dominate the huge arena in No time for waiting! PLAY hard and good luck to you!

How to control

  • Run around – WASD or arrow keys
  • Shoot – the left mouse
  • Throw a bomb – the right mouse
  • Activate auto-fire – F
  • Use Shield – E
  • Shoot laser – R

Tips and tricks

  1. Gather the blobs to get both XP and fuel.
  2. Kill the opponents to get XP only.
  3. The best thing is to avoid the higher-level players until your tank reaches the maximum movement.
  4. If you’re surrounded by too many enemies, remember to turn on the auto-fire ability.
  5. Follow a crown symbol on the screen to find the top player.



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