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    Rating: 6.3

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    Another exciting journey in space is going to happen in Are you willing to jump into one of the latest spaceships and start fighting against hundreds of opponents to gain the first place? Don’t say NO, guys! Enter here and savor right away!

    One of the first important things in this game is to select the suitable spaceship. Tap on the SELECT CLASS button and take a look at a big range of spaceships such as Gunner, Bomber, Balanced, Sniper, Machine Gunner, Heavy Bomber, Paralyzing Bomber, Fast Bomber, Ninja, and so on. Each comes with different features like Speed, Shoot Respawn, Bomb Respawn, Bullet Damage, etc.

    If this is your first time, I suggest you opt for Balanced because this spaceship can shoot and lay a mine equally. Or choose Gunner if you prefer shooting more. After all, the choice is yours. Think carefully in order to pick up the appropriate spaceship. In addition, don’t forget to choose a colorful trail to make it look stunning on the battlefield.  

    Then start acting!You need to be skillful to direct your spaceship to fly around the screen for gathering stars first. These stars are extremely necessary for improving features, adding more health, and increasing your position on the scoreboard.But, you also pay attention to other opponents because they are aggressive to attack you. Therefore, the next action is to gun down them. Guide a cannon towards them and shoot hard or try laying a mine to blow up your opponents. Just make sure you’re quick-eyed and swift-handed when performing. If not, you might become a prey.

    Generally, you need to cleverlycombine both actions of collecting stars and shooting down the opponents to help yourself attain the best result.

    So, are you confident in your shooting ability? How many times have you won in the shooting .io games? Time to display what you own and then complete the biggest task in! Good luck, guys!

    How to control

    • WASD or arrow keysare to guide the spaceship.
    • The left mouse or Spacebar is to shoot.
    • The right mouse or Shift is to lay a mine.

    Tips and tricks

    1. Always view a mini-map below to know the current situation.
    2. Keep moving and shooting all the times to defeat more opponents and protect the spaceship better.
    3. Get away from stray mines or your spaceship will be exploded.
    4. If you’re guiding Sniper, don’t lay the mines because they are inefficient.



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