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If you think this game is a fierce fight in the outer space like, you're wrong. Try entering the main screen of,then get an incomparable chance toplay with the Sun anddominate 24 small planets in the vast universeas soon as you possibly can. Believe in yourself, guys? Here you go!

How to play

  • You will be given a certain orb with a particular color at first. Next, use the left mouse to aim and shoot any orb that is close to you (in front of or behind, it’s totally okay). Make sure you are quicker than other players for the first shot.Since every orb has its different orbit, if you want to approach to the other orbs with ease, click on the one that you took control of it successfully and switch the position.
  • In case that you want to get a closer or farther look of the universe, just scroll the mouse to zoom in and out. Relying on that, you are able to observe all the directions and stop other players from shooting your collected orbs at the right time. Keep in mind that there are 8 opponents and all are aggressive in order to gain the victory. Avoid losing all your orbs or you will be kicked out the game. As the game develops, you also receive two extra power-ups as a super-bomb (press X to activate) and a shield (press C to use). So, don’t worry when seeing nothing at the beginning. Just do your best in shooting everything accurately and then you will be rewarded both.
  • Whenever finishing the game, a report of your ability will be shown. How many shots and hits can you carry out and how much the shooting accuracy can you acquire? Feel interested in determining whether or not you are the best shooter, right? But, if you think that the report is up to the wazoo, you’re wrong. It’s because this cute game will record your final result in its Weekly Ranking and All-time Ranking.
  • Now, let’s answer my answer, guys. Will you be good enough to put your name on both leaderboards? Where are you in the top 100 and how long can you keep this position? With thousands of gamers are playing, I hope that you can obtain the best result and prove your friends that you’re the excellent player in any shooting .io game.

Tips and tricks

  1. At first, avoid keeping the orbs scattered around the area because it’s hard to protect it from the others.
  2. Always keep an eye on your opponents.
  3. Finally, all depend on your best shooting.

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