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If you’re a fan of strategy game, you shouldn’t miss for sure because you have to map a detailed plan in order to gain the final victory. Do you believe in yourself, .io addicts? Will you win in the soonest time? Try playing and see how best you are!

How to play

  • First of all, you must choose a suitable class among 5 ones. They consist of Witch, Angel, Necromancer, Warrior, and Queen. Normally, newbies choose the Queen because she owns all balanced abilities. Depending on how long you play, you can pick up any class you want most.
  • Continue learning how to create an army to destroy other competitors and protect your class until the end. Additionally, attaining the highest position is a must that you need to complete well when playing any .io games. Do you see asmall button on the left-top screen? Click on it or press 1 key to spawn or produce a unit. Since each class has a limited number of units, avoid overproducing. Just create a certain number to protect the Queen from other attacks.
  • After that, hit on Spacebar to carry out other functions such as Split, Regroup or Feed. You need to determine the current situation to make accurate decisions. For instance, if facing up with the bigger armies, don’t spawn too many units, regroup or feed them to the Queen and then escape. To the smaller ones, let your units attack in order to earn more XP points. Keep in mind the XP points are important for leveling up as well as gaining the best score on the leaderboard. Or you can increase your unit’s size by regrouping smaller ones. Creating a huge number of the bigger units will help you acquire many points.
  • Don’t forget that the only way to direct the Queen and your army is to use the right mouse. At the same time, hit WASD or arrow keys to change the camera on the area or use a mini map (at the bottom-left screen). Especially, always observe andcatch some useful tools such as Shield (increase HP and Speed) and Sword (develop attack power) to make the winning ability higher.
  • If you’re still confused, try clicking on the button of Watch Tutorial. After that, play now. Show your best strategic plans to protect the Queen at any cost. andhope you get a great time with this cool game!

Tips and tricks

  1. Before reaching level 8, you need to play carefully by mainly feeding the Queen.
  2. Avoid those who have a red hat and try eating ones that have normal hats.


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