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You won’t believe how exciting is if you miss it at this time. A big air battle and tons of cockpits surrounding, do you think that you can shoot them down to dominate a wide territory? Come here and experience now!

How to play

Before starting the main action, you need to pick up a cockpit and decorate it with your preferred color. Next, remember to select your preferred flag and tap on the PLAY button if you’re ready to fight.

Just move the mouse cursor around the screen and then your cockpit will fly with ease. At the same time, you should observe everywhere to search for other enemies. Since you’re in the .io world, that means you will confront myriad of real players. Of course, all are cruel to attack each other. So, don’t mind showing your aggressiveness at the beginning by aiming and shooting down anyone you catch. Hit on the left mouse to shoot, sounds simple, right?

When deciding to kill someone, you need to shoot continuously until he dies. Avoid performing a couple of shots and then stop. It’s because you won’t get any score if your opponent is alive. In addition, shooting helps to fulfill small steps in a level circle. If it’s full, your cockpit will become stronger and stronger. Moreover, you can increase your position on the leaderboard.

In sum, the actions that you must carry out is to aim, shoot and dodge the others skillfully in order to preserve your cockpit’ life. And don’t expect to catch or find any useful support like other games because there is nothing. However, the more you play, the more addictive you receive. And don’t mind inviting your close friends to participate by copying an available link and send it to them. Then all will be brought to the same playground to relish together.

Well, it’s time to TAKE ACTION and finish with the first place in the ranking, guys. Hope you succeed!

Tips and tricks

  • If the red bar on the top of the screen is full, wait for seconds so that your cockpit can reload its gun.
  • Take advantage of clouds to hide your cockpit and then counter-attack.
  • The best way to defeat the opponents is to chase them and shoot continuously.
  • In case your cockpit gets shot, be quick to run away, find a safe place and relax to restore the health.



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