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Feel curious and funny when hearing, right? Do you think that you will play with something look like a butt? If you want to know more, just set your feet on here and uncover now!

As long as you are accustomed to popular .io games like or, you will know your biggest objective; that is, gain and maintain the top position in the ranking.

Now, look at your main character. Yes, it’s a butt, guys. But, it’s quite small. So, you need to make it bigger via directing him to move around and enjoy delicious beans surrounding the screen. The more beans your butt eats, the bigger he will be. And this improves your rank as well.

Of course, everything isn’t simple when there are tons of aggressive opponents in this playground. Keep in mind the first important action is not to annoy any higher-level players. If unluckily confronting them, it’s best to increase the speed and flee instantly. Or you can try performing some funny things such as shooting fart and farting. Shooting fart towards other opponents will make them feel sick and then they will lose all the mass. Meanwhile, the fart will make them become bigger yet move slowly.

What’s more, don’t miss grabbing fantastic items when your butt is moving such as Stars (makes your butt become invulnerable), X3 (multiplies the beans’ number), and Peppers (improves the fart’s power).

Last but not least, you should follow this game through social networks such as Twitter and YouTube to receive new updates as well as unlock custom skins for your butt.

It’s time to eat beans, fart to kill the others and then become the biggest butt ever in Think that you can complete with the highest score on the leaderboard? TAKE ACTION and show me your best result, buddies!

How to control

  • Travel around – the mouse cursor
  • Run fast – Q
  • Shoot in front of – W
  • Jump and shoot behind – E

Tips and tricks

  1. Running fast, shooting in front of or behind, and jumping might consume your butt’s mass. Be wise to use.
  2. When using the fart or firing it, make sure you’re clever and agile to do
  3. To smash someone, just run quickly towards them. But, you only do when your butt is bigger than them.
  4. Avoid grabbing any blue bar of Dark Side or your butt will be kicked out of the game immediately.



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