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Time to enter a new area of and control a cute horned whale, all game addicts! As a new playground in the long list of .io games, your main objective is to attain the first rank on the leaderboard. But, instead of shooting down enemies, you have to slice others in half and avoid their attacks at the same time, though you might think it’s quite similar to or at first.

How to play

  • The mouse is the major control for guiding the whale to kill the enemies. For each success, you will get a couple of interesting stuff; for example, the horn will be stronger, the stamina is better, the speed is quicker and more. The truth doesn’t sound easy like that because you’re in a small arena with more than 20 other opponents and all are craving for the final victory. That’s why you need to be wary of their horns; otherwise, your body will cut in half and then the game is over.
  • Actually, you can avoid upcoming attacks by trying to crash into the enemies with your head because both will simply bounce off each other. Or increase your attack by holding the left mouse. The longer you hold, the bigger your assault will be. Since there is an only way to enhance the level, you need to slice as many enemies as possible. Relying on that, many better upgrades will be added to make the whale stronger and stronger. Especially, this game offers a huge collection of cool skins for your whale. So, don’t forget to experience, okay?
  • And thanks to the first release as an Android app , you can download on your phone or computer to play instantly. Without a doubt, this cute game might be the best way to while away your time. What do you think? Feel enough confidence to take out your enemies and reach the top position in the soonest time? Enter the main screen of now!

Tips and Tricks

Want to find the easiest strategy for completing this game? Well, it’s harder than other .io games. When your ultimate goal is to defeat other players, the most effective way is to show your aggressiveness at the beginning. Remember to roam around the arena’s edges and then find an ideal position to attack with a lightning speed. Avoid moving at the center as it’s the most vulnerable place and you might soon become the others’ target.


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