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Hey, all .io game addicts! Want to play something more challenging and exciting than and Tanx? will satisfy your demands. Don’t wait too long! There we come!

How to play

  • At the beginning, you don’t have any choice except for the Basic Tank. Start controlling it to move around an underground areafor finding gold nuggets. Instead of running at them for collecting, you have to shoot it down. Depending on each different size, you are able to gather more or fewer XP points. Of course, these XP points are useful for increasing your level as well as help you buy necessary Upgrades including Reload, Damage, Health, Heal, Energy, and Recharge. Since they are on the screen, just click on each to equip.
  • Especially, when attaining the level 5, a wonderful ability of Smoke Green is added. Activate it and then your tank will be invisible for 15 seconds or until you shoot somewhere. But, you have to wait 1 minute for the next use.
  • Aside from shooting the gold nuggets for the XP points, don’t forget to attack other players to make your fight more thrilling and interesting. Keep working to reach the level 15 and then upgrade a new class such as Artillery, Behemoth, or Saboteur. If you tend to fight aggressively, pick up Behemoth to possess some great abilities like Smoke Green, Emergency Fallback, Plasma Beam, and Smart Rocket. Try the Smoke Green to turn into invisibility and then use Plasma Beam to kill other opponents quickly, okay?
  • To Artillery, you will occupy Smoke Green, Energy Shield, Supreme Cooling and Carpet Bombing. This tank is good for attacking and protecting. Use both Energy Shield and Smoke Green to survive while the Supreme Cooling and Carpet Bombing are to assault at long range. How about Saboteur? Its abilities includes Smoke Green, EMP Pulse, Explosion Mine and Afterburner that can hinder and weaken other tanks. If you play as a team, this tank is an ideal choice.
  • For further necessary information about the Abilities, don’t mind entering there, guys.
  • In a word, what you’re performing is to help you conquer the top spot on the leaderboard sooner. Tap on the main screen of after thinking a cool name and selecting an impressive skin. Wish you luck and success!

Tips and tricks

  1. The time of using the Energy Shield is just 3 seconds. Think wisely before activating.
  2. The Emergency Fallback helps the tank move 200% quicker than normal.
  3. You need to attain the level 35 to use the Plasma Beam.

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