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Can you evolve a little mouse to a rabbit, a lion, and even a black dragon or a tiny shrimp to a crab, an octopus and finally a Kraken? Enter to know right away!

Pick up an animal you like and start directing it around the screen to eat more and more food. Keep in mind that food is extremely important for the evolvement of the animal. As reaching the next tier, a small board of eatable food will be shown in the middle of the screen such as berries, mushrooms, seaweeds, starfishes, and even other weaker players. In case that your animal is the mouse or rabbit, the berries are your only food. However, you can shoot water at the mushrooms to change them into berries.

When starting, make sure not to get close to the larger animals or some with a red outline because they can eat you. If seeing these creatures, you need to escape as far as possible or use available abilities of each animal to get away or counter attack. For example, as the rabbit, you can dig a hole to hide. And don’t be worried when catching some with the green color because they are totally safe. So, just keep eating as much as possible to evolve the stronger animals and receive unlimited abilities and powers. In addition, be sure to balance the eating schedule and drinking of water because water is quite necessary for your animal to live. If it doesn’t drink enough water, it will become dehydrated and gradually die. Or just leave it in the water too long, it runs out of the air and dies as well. Therefore, you need to try, consume, stay alive in order to gain the first position at once in this cute game.

Generally, soon becomes the next preferred game in your .io list. Not only can you have fun but also get a great conversation with other players thanks to the game’s chat feature. And you will explore that it’s tough to take your eyes off the screen and leave the mouse until your skill is better. Believe or not? Write down your name, tap Start button and play instantly!

How to play

The mouse is to interact. If you want to run or use water, please hold the left mouse. To dive into the water, just press W or hold the right mouse. Depending on each certain animal, you just hit W or the right mouse to avail its abilities.

Tips and tricks

  1. Never get closer to mud when you’re a mice or rabbit because pigs can easily catch and eat you.
  2. Stick around with larger animals that don’t eat you.
  3. Avoid roaming around frequently, try to find a safe place for eating. If predators reach to your area, be quick to move to another place.


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