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If you’re a fan of .io games, you shouldn’t miss playing for sure. Truly, this funny and addicting online game is attracting a large number of the players all over the world thanks to its diverse features. As an immigrant in a virtual world, you need to collect necessary resources to build a village and struggle for survival. And to become the best player, reaching the number one on the leaderboard is what you must carry out.

Start moving around and then collect as much food, wood, and rock as possible by tapping on trees, bushes, and rocks surrounding. When reaching Age 2, you need to select an ideal area and then put some Wood Walls to create barriers that can be used to stop other players from attacking. Be smart before placing in order to construct a stable fort, protect the resources, and permit you to work in peace. Besides, be sure to add some Spikes around your base to damage expected enemies.

Build your fort as stronger as you can and gather numerous resources at the same time to build a Windmill. It’s extremely important for generating gold and increasing your point to occupy the first rank on the leaderboard. Additionally, attacking other players helps you get a considerable number of points. However, make sure you have a great strategy for escaping or protecting your base.

Once completing each Age, new and useful updates will be added to support you best. With new weapons (i.e. an axe or a sword), different kinds of barriers (i.e. stone walls, boost traps, or faster windmills), new resources and foods, all will make this game more adventurous and exciting to play.

How to play

Move around by using WASD or arrow keys. Gather or attack by tapping the mouse or Spacebar. Auto attack by hitting E. Choose available items by pressing 1-9.

Tips & Tricks

  1. In my opinion, there are not actually any particular tip or trick to win this game. All you just do is to map your own plan and follow it. For example, you need to carry out the basic work as gathering wood, rocks, and food to build and strengthen your own base well. When it’s strong enough, continue producing gold or attacking the enemies to get the points. Of course, it depends on your first strategy. And after each Age, new updates will appear and help you become the best player.
  2. No time for waiting so long! Tap the button and explore right away!


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