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Minecraft online io

Rating: 6.5

Votes: 68

Plays: 12.2k

About Minecraft Online IO

The .io world has just released a unique and interesting game, called Minecraft Online IO. It can be said this new playground is a big surprise for you if you never hear the Minecraft world before. However, in case you are acquainted with it, why don’t you try playing and explore new things? I’m sure you will get awesome experiences that you never see in any .io games.

First of all, you need to know that the main task of this game is totally related to your creativeness. It requires you to build your own world in the Minecraft world. What does it mean? As entering the game, you will see a landmass that is created by different blocks. But, it looks unattractive and dull. Therefore, you need to set up another look for this world and make it your own.

Before starting, the most important action is to collect different kinds of blocks. It’s extremely easy since you just click on the block you want and then it will be stored in your inventory instantly. Let’s travel around, jump high and dive for rare blocks under a river. Whenever having a certain number of blocks, continue searching for a suitable place to construct what you want.

You can begin something simple such as a small house and nice gardens near to the river or something big like a castle or just a cute statue that you want. Of course, everything depends on your creativeness.

Another thing that you should know is that there is no leaderboard or even other players in this playground. What a surprise! Although some reckon that playing against people is fun in the .io world, you will recognize that building your own dream in Minecraft Online IO alone is extremely interesting. It’s because no one can disturb you and you can do anything you like.

Last but not least, don’t forget to save your progress if you don’t finish in time. And when you’re ready to play again, just click on the Load Game button to come back to your own terrain.

So, feel excited to enjoy Minecraft Online IO, guys? Come here now!

How to control

  • Move around – WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump – Spacebar
  • Mine the blocks – the left mouse
  • Place the blocks – the right mouse
  • Select the blocks – 1-9
  • Throw the blocks – T
  • Add the trees – C

Tips and tricks

  1. To hover, just hold Spacebar continuously.
  2. Adding the trees allows you to collect a large number of wood blocks.




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