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As its name suggests, will soon become a big battle that is all about death and destruction. Do you dare to join this slaughter? If you believe in your excellent shooting ability, just START now.

First of all, look at the main screen and pick up a server to play including USA, EU, and Asia. Then get acquainted with a brave man and ask him to perform the major objective. Truly, you just have one aim; that is, eliminate all the enemies by creating as much damage as possible.

How to do?

Start directing your character to walk around and test his knife by cutting available trunks on the ground. Depending on every trunk, you can receive more HP, ammo, items, etc. Try to own a bit before attacking any player. To determine where players or trunks are, you just observe arrows with messages on them. For instance, if seeing the arrow with HP or a name of the player, follow it to find them.

Since your first weapon is the knife, you need to learn how to dash to approach the enemies and cut them. Make sure you carry out quickly and accurately to take their life successfully. Relying on that, you are able to gain valuable coins. The more coins you have, the more powerful weapons you can buy.

When owning any weapon, you need to show your best shooting capacity to gun down as many enemies as possible. Of course, you should be agile to avoid their counter-attack. Especially, always keep a keen eye on the number of ammo to avoid running out of ammo.

Once playing, you have to fight until the last breath. Do your best to avoid receiving too much damage or your HP will decrease and then the game will be over. And never show your mercy to anyone. Cut or shoot continuously to protect the character until seeing no one on the screen.

Think that you can do well? Play to know now! Good luck!

How to control

  • To move around, click on WASD or the arrow keys.
  • To attack or shoot, tap the left mouse.
  • To use items, hit the right mouse.
  • To dash, use Spacebar.
  • To suicide, press Esc.

Tips and tricks

  1. Select the server that is near your region to play better.
  2. You only buy the weapon before starting. Think carefully and choose the suitable one to fight.
  3. Check the ammo’s status by observing the number on the head.