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Rating: 8.2

Votes: 88

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About is one of my selected .io games for those who prefer to use tactics like playing But, you soon discover that this game is more exciting and quick-paced. Moreover, there are tons of surprising things waiting for your discovery. So, if you’re ready, down here to know clearly.

First of all, you have to understand the main objective of this game; that is, attain a high spot on the scoreboard by growing an army. Since it’s a long and tough process, you must follow a step-by-step guide to complete well.

  • Keep in mind that your character is just a lonely lord right from the start. So, if you want to help him develop his own army, please focus on collecting as much available coins on the screen as possible.
  • Then start building the army with soldiers, knights, archers, etc.
  • Besides, please pay attention to the number of troops because this game only allows a certain number at first. When reaching the limited population, you must build Houses.
  • The more Houses are built, the more troop strength will increase.
  • However, the Houses cannot be protected by themselves. So, you need to put some powerful buildings around to make sure that no Houses won’t be knocked down by other enemies.
  • After that, continue searching for coins as well as finding other enemies and their base to attack. Relying on that, you can increase your score on the leaderboard and soon attain the biggest request.
  • Especially, you also receive a special ability that is to split the army’s size (it’s quite similar to io, right?). This action is extremely useful for you to gather coins quicker and run/chase easier.

As long as you follow these steps carefully, I believe that you can establish the greatest army and base for fighting against the enemies. And now is your show time in Wish you success with the best result!

How to control

  • Movement – the mouse cursor
  • Interact with the game – the left mouse
  • Split the army – Spacebar
  • Goldmine – C
  • Mage Tower – F
  • House – E
  • Castle – R
  • Solider – T
  • Knight – Y
  • Archer – U
  • Barbarian – I
  • Dragon – O
  • Ballista – P

Tips and tricks

  1. Buying about 15 soldiers first helps to increase not only the army’s size but also the area you can get coins.
  2. If the army is at the risk of losing part, use splitting instantly to protect the lord.
  3. Dragon is the most powerful creature that can send powerful attacks to the enemies.
  4. When defeating the enemies successfully, their army and base will be yours.


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