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Whenever you feel like playing a good Shooter and .io video game, KRUNT.IO must be the game that comes in your mind first! In this wonderful video game, you will take the role of a professional shooter. However, you will not use your skills and abilities in positive ways, as you will have to loot the other players in the same server with you.
Why? Because you have the base to build, farm materials to collect and even more. If you do not kill the other players and protect your own items, then they will come to kill you. Using a second-person perspective, you will have to outthink the other players and kill them even before they can get close to you. To help you accomplish that mission, the game provides you with tons of different weapons, such as the Assault Rifle, SMG gunshot, Scar and even more.
Each weapon has its unique function that you have to experience them all to find out which one fits the specific situation. Alongside the growth of yourself in this video game, you will also get to learn many things on your own. KRUNT.IO will give you more than just fun and joy, why don’t you check up on it immediately to see what else you can have?

How to play:

  • Press the E key to interact with chests, cars and ground items.
  • Press the Space bar to jump over things.
  • Press the Shift button to Sprint
  • Press the left click button in order to shoot the weapon.
  • Press the R button to reload weapons.
  • Press the number keys from 1 to 6 or mouse wheel to switch guns.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You need to use a suitable weapon for each situation, not all the weapons are helpful all the time.
  2. The game only starts whenever the other players in your server are ready.

KRUNT.IO Unblocked:

  1. As you may know, KRUNT.IO Unblocked is now available at You should check up on it, as only provides you with the highest quality video games ever. Have fun!


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