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    A battle between humans and vampires is going to happen in At this time, you’re allowed to support any team you want. Pick up one and start working with other players in your team to defeat the remaining one now, guys!

    If you choose to be on the Human team, your main task is to find and eliminate all the players on the Vampire team. Remember to view a mini-map below to know where they are. If not, it’s hard to catch them on a large playground. Got it?

    When moving towards your opponents, don’t miss gathering as many orbs as possible because they help to fulfill your level bar. If reaching a new level successfully, this game will give you a range of awesome weapons. Of course, depending on your chosen character, you can receive different things.

    • As a human, your first weapon is a shuriken. Then you can receive more arrows, missiles, and bananas as well as upgrading them.
    • As a vampire, your first skill is a bat that can help you move from one place to another quickly. Then you can add fireball, lightning, and dark-matter as well as upgrading them.

    No matter which character you are, make sure you understand how to avail these weapons to get rid of your opponents. Keep in mind that both the arrow and lightning can send a great damage, but it’s not easy to control them. Therefore, you need to practice a lot. To the shuriken and fireball, be free to use them. Although they have less damage, it’s rather efficient at the beginning.

    Last but not least, don’t forget that you have to carry out the biggest objective. That is to acquire the top position in the ranking. Aside from supporting your teammates, remember to assist your main character to level up well by defeating the enemies. Relying on that, he can finish the game better.

    Don’t hesitate anymore, guys! Tap on the Play button and enjoy right now!

    How to control

    • To guide your character, click on WASD or arrow keys.
    • To shoot, press Spacebar or the left mouse
    • To change the weapons, just tap 1-5.

    Tips and tricks

    1. Throwing bananas towards the vampires can make them fall to the ground and become insensible within 2 seconds.
    2. Use the dark-matter to slow down the human’s movement effectively.
    3. Try to take advantage of available items such as crates, tables or barrels to protect your character from the other’s attacks.