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    Another trip to the outer space is going to happen in Are you willing to welcome this new challenge, guys? I bet you don’t want to lose a great title of the best shooter in the .io world, don’t you? Be quick to hit the PLAY button to prove your best ability now!

    At first, you need to know that gaining the high score on the leaderboard is extremely important. Try looking at your small spaceship and start guiding it to carry out this main goal. One of the easiest actions is to fly around and eat as many available orbs as possible. And the more orbs you eat, the bigger your spaceship will be.

    However, you need to be careful because you’re not alone in this playground. There are always hundreds of opponents surrounding and all are aggressive to defeat each other. Therefore, don’t mind defeating anyone you catch by shooting continuously and accurately. At the same time, try to dodge over the counter-attack skillfully or one shot of the larger ships can kill you instantly.  

    That’s why you have to be agile and clever to fight or use boost in any necessary situations.

    Continue playing until your spaceship reaches the size of 30 in order to expand your view and the size of 60 will make the ship become massive. Although you will be visible on a mini-map, don’t worry too much because you have a huge power to eliminate any ship before they come close.

    So, are you self-confident of your own ability or you need another support from your close friends? Don’t mind asking them to play together and help you attain the highest score in, guys! Good luck to you!

    How to control

    • Click on WASD or arrow keys to guide the spaceship.
    • Tap on Spacebar/Shift to boost the speed.
    • Press K or X to shoot.
    • Hit L or Z to stop.

    Tips and tricks

    1. The bigger your ship is, the slower it moves
    2. Avoid crashing against the borders because it affects badly the spaceship’s health.
    3. Try moving in reserve and shoot back if any ship is chasing you.
    4. A red exclamation mark represents the appearance of the huge spaceship.
    5. While speeding, try to shoot because your shoot will move fast.
    6. If a red X appears on the mini-map, be quick to reach there to steal more loot from the dead spaceships.
    7. Follow this game via social networks to unlock new spaceships.