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    Rating: 6.8

    Votes: 22

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    If you prefer to play survival shooting .io games like or, don’t miss experiencing, guys. This awesome game definitivelygives you exciting cartoon graphics and a fantastic gameplay that you can enjoy all day without feeling bored. Are you willing to join here? Let’s go now!

    Instead of acquiring the highest position in the ranking, your main task is to become the last man standing after defeating all of the opponents.

    Firstly, look at an alone man in a big city and start leading him to discover surrounding. Then eye three available weapons that he has including a pistol, shotgun, and machine gun. But, all have no ammo. Therefore, you need to search for the ammo from available crates as soon as possible.

    Of course, the more ammo you catch, the better you can knock down the others. Just make sure you have the ammo before confronting them or you have to run for your life. And when fighting, you need to be extremely swift-eyed and quick-handed to shoot accurately. At the same time, try to dodge the counter-attack skillfully to protect the man’s health. 

    In addition, don’t forget to jump into available cars and drive them to run against other opponents. Although this action quite effective, if you drive carelessly, it can cause great damages to the car. Importantly, you aren’t able to shoot when controlling the car, got it? In case you come across anyone who is driving the car, be quick to find a place and hide because of just one hit and then you will be kicked out of the game.

    Since this game only focuses on killing each other to become the last survivor, you must do everything to complete well. Bear in mind to observe a number on the top of the screen to know how many players are alive.

    Can you conquer this big city and get rid of the opponents successfully or can you come up against difficulties right from the start? Land on and you will know!

    How to control

    • Move – WASD or arrow keys
    • Run – Shift
    • Aim and shoot – the left mouse
    • Reload – R
    • Jump in/out the car – F
    • Switch the weapons – 1-3

    Tips and tricks

    1. Remember to change the weapons to reload the ammo first.
    2. When running at a high speed, the man cannot shoot.
    3. Take advantage of big trees to take cover and then counterattack.
    4. The man’s health will increase automatically while moving.