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Rating: 4.4

Votes: 27

Plays: 2.7k

About is an interesting online flash web opposition game. The game allows players all around the world to compete against each other online.

This game has simple graphics and a play style just as simple. The appealing aspect of this game comes from its competitiveness. In this game, you control an odd-looking character with a circle and an emotionless face on it. You can only move forward/backward and jump.

Your objective in the game is to jump on other players heads and defeat them. Every time you defeat an opponent, you’ll receive a point. On the opposite hand, if another player jumps on your head, you’ll die.

The gameplay may be simple, but when you’re competing against multiple other players on a relatively small map, trying to both survive and score points won’t be easy.

The game has other features to support the player such as letting you name your character, having a leaderboard that shows the top players with the highest scores...

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How To Play :

  • Use left/right arrow keys to move.
  • Use up arrow key to jump.

Tips and Tricks :

  1. When running to the right, you can hit the jump button to jump forward.
  2. When running to the left, you can’t press the jump button.