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Rating: 6.4

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The only way to survive in is to shoot everything you catch on the way. I’m sure that you never experience any chaotic and dangerous 2D playground with tons of creepy players and flying asteroids. Still excited to uncover? Come here right away!

Your particular task is to assist a little character to dominate the highest place in the ranking. How to attain this?

At the beginning, you need to help your character become big by gobbling up available dots on the screen. Just direct him to move and eat. Additionally, if you want to get more dots, it’s okay to shoot down some flying asteroids. Take advantage of available guns such as a pistol, blunderbuss, rifle, laser rifle, etc. to aim and fire. However, make sure you defeat them before they hit your character or he will become smaller and weaker.

Aside from gathering a large number of dots for increasing your character’s position, don’t forget that you can attack other players as well. Remember that you only confront those who have the smaller size than your character. If someone is larger, the best way is to sprint. Got it? Truly, dealing the opponents is similar to shooting down the asteroids. Just aim, fire accurately and then you can defeat them well. And the most wonderful thing is that killing the enemies successfully will increase the number of dots better than only collecting.

Another critical thing that you should know is that this game’s speed is rather slow. Meanwhile, the flying asteroids can move fast. So, it’s quite annoying to catch the asteroids and defeat them as you want. Besides, be careful of some obstacles and get away from them since your character might get stuck if he is becoming larger.

Now, guys! Do you want to miss Of course, NOT because this shooting game is extremely exciting to play, right? There is no time for hesitation! Tap on the PLAY button and relish now!

How to control

  • WASD keys are to guide the character.
  • E is to change the weapons.
  • Shift is to sprint.
  • The left mouse is to aim and shoot.

Tips and tricks

  1. Shooting backward is extremely useful.
  2. Take advantage of the obstacles to protect your character as well as attacking the enemies.
  3. Remember to take turns using the weapons.
  4. Never shoot towards any walls too close when using the blunderbuss.
  5. Wait for seconds to charge the laser rifle before shooting.
  6. Always observe a mini-map to know the current situation.




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