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The kingdom of is crying for help. Are you willing to give a hand and put an end to a chaotic battle? Let’s guide a brave Knight and start carrying out the main goal of wiping out of the enemies.

When being sent into a huge maze, you need to learn how to move around, jump, block and attack quickly and cleverly. However, it’s not simple since you have to face up with lots of enemies at the very beginning. What’s more, they’re extremely hostile for occupying the kingdom. That’s why you have to be agile to use your sword and try to throw at them accurately. Avoid standing in just one place to attack the opponents or you will lose a big chance of collecting new weapons and necessary potions. Since they are scattering everything in the maze, just move and you can catch them with ease.

In addition, killing the enemies gives you a huge number of coins. When acquiring about 20 – 40 coins, you can upgrade the power of your weapons. Interestingly, you can steal the coins from the other’s battles by do a trick. If your opponents are fighting each other, you should hide in a safe place and wait until the end. Whenever the spoils appear, be quick to grab them.

Since you’re in the .io world, don’t forget to finish the big request: the highest spot on the leaderboard. Just do your best in killing as many enemies as possible and collecting the necessary items at the same time, I’m sure you can become the King of soon. And keep in mind to check new updates below “Play” button before starting the game.Wish you luck and success, guys!

Is there any great strategy?

It depends. In my opinion, the most important strategy is to explore the way of protecting yourself firstly. And using the shield is considered as an ideal choice. Besides, collecting the potions is necessary for maintaining the Knight’s HP. Make sure you have enough HP until defeating the last enemy or you will be sent out of the game and lose everything you “created”.

How to play

Use Left & Right arrow keys or A & D keys to move around. Tap Up arrow key or W key to jump. Hit Down arrow key or S key to block. Press Spacebar to throw the weapons. Interestingly, click on 0-9 to show cute icons for your knight.


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