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Rating: 9.0

Votes: 126

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Developed by Trebuchet Entertainment JoJa15, is considered an amazing first-person shooter game with stunning 3D graphics that you can enjoy on any browser for free. Not only will you savor an epic shooting .io game but also experience countless tasks that no game has. Feel excited to try? Here we are!

But before beginning, please remind an important thing. This game will divide players into 2 different groups including defensive and offensive. If you’re on the defensive group, you need to prevent the remaining one from raising missiles. In case you’re on the offensive group, raising missiles successfully is the top task.

After determining which group you are, let’s customize your character carefully with necessary weapons, vehicles and then TAKE ACTION! Start moving around, observe everywhere and shoot hard whenever catching any enemy. For every success, you will receive a certain number of XP points. They are extremely important to enhance your character’s ability in fighting.

Since you’re playing in the 3D environment, getting a comprehensive view is quite tough. So, to carry out better, please follow a mini-map all the times.

In addition, avail this mini-map to determine where the missiles are (they are green circles). There are totally 3 missiles in each round. The first missile spends 25 seconds on launching, the second one is 20 seconds, and the last one is 15 seconds. And if one is launched, the green circle will turn red. Got it?

Last but not least, never do the job alone. Try to work with your teammates to complete better. And don’t think about the leaderboard because this game doesn’t require it. Just finish everything related to the missiles and then your team will be the winner.

Although is just an Open Beta Test, it’s rather exciting and interesting to enjoy all day. Or if you want to play with friends, ask them to choose the same server. No time for hesitating, guys! Enter here and PLAY now!

How to control

  • Move or drive – WASD or arrow keys
  • Jump - Spacebar
  • Crouch – C
  • Enter/Exit the vehicle – F
  • Aim and shoot – the left mouse
  • Reload – R

Tips and tricks

  1. Daily rewards will be sent to you every day. Remember to return to get it.
  2. This game offers a variety of weapons. Try to use all to find out the most suitable one for your shooting style.
  3. If you’re killed by someone, wait for 10 seconds to continue.
  4. Perform headshots to increase the damage better.
  5. Log in via social networks to buy coins.


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