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Another cool playground is going to happen in Of course, you don’t want to miss it. So, jump on the main screen and start playing now!

In this game, you will support a gaucho to build a big herd. At first, he has some cows surrounding. So, you need to help him increase this number by traveling around the pampas and searching for available cattle.

Truly, it’s not hard to find since they’re everywhere. So, whenever seeing any cattle, be quick to guide the gaucho’s herd towards there and leave them to attack automatically. Then wait until the cattle are defeated and guide the gaucho to raise them instantly in order to increase the number. The more cattle he has, the more strength his herd is.

The next important thing is to attack other gauchos in the pampas. Before doing it, make sure that your gaucho’s herd is more than your opponent. Or in case you’re still looking for the cattle to build the herd, never think about struggling against anyone.

As you know, creating the strongest herd and defeating the others are both necessary actions that you must perform well. Don’t underestimate any action because it will create some difficulties when you’re trying to climb up to the top position on the scoreboard. Since you’re in the .io world, keep in mind that this is critical for proving your best ability.

In sum, offers an easy gameplay, yet hard to master that you easily find in any .io games. And always keep in mind that not all of other players are kind-hearted at the beginning. So, if you’re new to this playground, believe me that you have to avoid the higher-level players as soon as possible.

After all others, do you want to play Hope that you don’t give a “NO” answer because this game is extremely exciting and fun to relish all day without feeling bored. I bet you anything that you won’t stop until gaining the first place on the scoreboard. How long will you attain it? Play and show now!  

How to control

  • Click on the left mouse to guide the gaucho to move around.
  • Tap Spacebar to add the cattle to the herd.

Tips and tricks

  1. At the beginning, please only focus on gathering more cattle for the herd.
  2. Never leave your gaucho alone while attacking because the herd is his best protection.


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