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About GamePop:

GamePop is a music game combined with the reaction on the background of a song. Inspired by TapTap Revenge on iOS, now a PC version is available to satisfy the passion of conquering anywhere and any means. Overall the game is designed monotonously, the gameplay is simple but it is very interesting and is loved by many people.

In the game, the player must race between the song speed and your brain. Players need to react quickly to be able to press notes in time with the speed of the song. To do this! Players need to have a perfect focus, flexible fingers and good eyes to follow the movements of the notes as they fall. You cannot stop the challenge when it is not completed. When a level is completed, the player's score will be displayed and sent to the level rankings to compare with other players. Your score depends on the number of successful clicks.

The higher the score, the more experienced the player and level up to experience other harder levels. In particular, you can create a room for many people to play on the music you love. The game has the connection between youtube and GamePop, creating more diversity and richness in the music source. It's fun and interesting! Get into the game and conquer challenges! Try to achieve the highest achievements to top the rankings into the world like!

How to play:

  • SPACE  to Play/Pause the video.
  • A, S, D, F  to create the notes.
  • R  to delete all notes and restart the video.

Tips and tricks:

  1. The closer the button is to the button cell, the more points it has
  2. Play simple songs first to practice your reflexes!

GamePop Unblocked:

  1. GamePop Unblocked is now a part of the rich game source at The website is always updated with the latest and hottest games to help players have a full and most enjoyable experience. Let’s have some fun!

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