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PLAY NOW Futurefunk

Rating: 10.0

Votes: 1

Plays: 308

About Futurefunk:

Futurefunk is a very exciting Online Strategy video game that will boost your adrenalin up to the top. In this game, you will represent the Human side where you have to stay alive at any cost in a limited of time, and the longer you could stay alive, the bigger size you will become. From the beginning of the game, the player will see a clock is counting down until the Outbreak happens.
Try to collect all items, weapons as fast as you can and be prepared because when the time comes, all Zombies will attack the Human side at once, in a limited time. If you could stay alive until then, you will Win!
In Futurefunk, you will able to play with other Online players, they will be either Human or Zombie. That’s why this game is very challenging because you will have to beat other real players, not dummy AI.

How to play:    

  • Use A, S, D, W keys to move your character.
  • Move your Mouse to turn around.
  • Click the Left Mouse button to use Items.
  • Hit the G key to drop Items.
  • Hit the E key to pick up Items.

Tips and tricks:

  1. You could chat with other Players via the Chat box in this game.
  2. You could add other Players as Friends to invite them later based on their UserID.

Futurefunk Unblocked:

  1. Futurefunk Unblocked can be played at With this website, you could play this game even in the office or at school. There are many more Unblocked game titles for you to explore here too!